iVisualiser Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know


Introducing iVisualiser, the latest app from Alan Peat Ltd and Angel Applications designed specifically for the iPad. Get the app today from the App Store: ...

IPEVO Whiteboard App for iPad Review

A quick review of the IPEVO Whiteboard App for the iPad. This app is free and allows you to annotate over a live camera image, screenshot or a blank white ...

Foscam Control app review for iPhone and iPad.

You can download this app on iTunes now. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/foscam-ip-control-2/id401284611?mt=8 Since this video, we have totally re-written the ...

The Dulux Visualiser App

Original Jazz Composition with iTunes Visualiser

Just an original of mine, recorded with an iTunes Visualiser (But you probably got that from the title). The Bass and Drums were made in Garageband, with a ...

DIY visualiser using iPad & apple tv

Using this method, I was able to teach vector drawing without a visualiser. It worked perfectly fine. Thats why I love apple products. :)

Why should a school use a visualiser instead of an iPad?

Schools often claim they don't need a classroom visualiser as they can use an iPad when teaching. With benefits such as optical zoom, freeze frame and more, ...

Audio Visualiser on Your Desktop (+BONUS) - NerdTool Tutorial

APPLICATIONS USED • Quartz Composer • Sound Flower • Nerd Tool DOWNLOAD LINKS 1. Xcode Graphic Tools ⁃ https://developer.apple.com/downloads/ 2.

Rabbit Hole Music Visualiser

The music visualiser for iOS devices now gets a video recorder built in. This is how the best get's better :)

Dulux Visualizer - Demo Video

Picture it, before you paint it. Download the Visualizer app for free on your smartphone or tablet and see the world with new colours. Available for Android and ...

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